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White Glove Naturalization Passport Programs

These are not intended for “instant” citizenship but benefit those who have the foresight to plan ahead, by taking advantage of countries that have always had the more liberal naturalization laws. With the skyrocketing cost and slightly shady image of white glove passport programs, naturalization programs have taken on a new importance in the past few years.

Naturalization is the procedure of acquiring citizenship (usually by taking an oath) in a country you have lived in for so many years. For example, foreigners maybe come naturalized US citizens after five years of legal residence in the USA.

The interesting thing is that most Latin American countries take a very liberal approach (nothing new about this – they always have done) to naturalization and allow citizenship after as little as two or three years.

Residence is easy to obtain in most Latin American states provided you have enough money to live on, unlike residence in the E.U or the USA where applications are frequently rejected.

And, with the laid back Latin way of doing things, you can establish residence at a rented address of convenience somewhere, and nobody cares if you are actually there…. so, after establishing residence on paper, you can generally go on your merry way around the world, and return after 2-3 years to pick up your passport for free!

Besides Latin America, the Czech Republic is also a place where this works and you get a passport after five years. This is a slightly longer wait and you are expected to learn some basic phrases in the Czech language, but the advantage is that the Czech Republic is a full member of the European Union.


Low cost: from US$7,500 upwards for a whole family
Much better visa-free travel than on white glove instant programs. Depending on the country chosen, you can expect visa-free travel to all Western Europe and much easier entry to North America. Again, you pick up the passport direct from the government so you can be 100% sure in your own mind that it is fully legal, genuine and correctly issued.
National ID card and driving license included.
Dual nationality is allowed and your home country will not be notified.
The acquisition process can be an enjoyable adventure, allowing you to vacation in and explore your new home country.


At least two visits to country usually required.
You should try to learn some Spanish if you claim to have lived in the country for 2-3 years.
Expect a few minor problems and delays along the way due to Latin American bureaucracy. The Offshore Guys can minimize these for you and we will be able to advise on which countries have the most favorable terms for your particular situation.


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