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Offshore Company Formations

Offshore Companies & Offshore Corporations

The Offshore Guys offer a full range of offshore services for the incorporation of offshore companies, opening of offshore bank accounts and other offshore financial and asset protection services. Our integrity has been proven through our long years of quality personal service to our clients. We handle offshore incorporation’s, as do many other firms, but we also give our clients a few extras like personal service and timely answers to their questions. We have staff who are skilled in administering offshore commerce utilizing innovative ideas and solutions to meet individual needs. We even offer discounts to repeat clients. The Offshore Guys recommend the following jurisdictions as having the best offshore legislation:

Select Jurisdiction – Services are offered for:

(1) Best independent jurisdictions for asset protection on offer today.

(2) Recommended jurisdictions to set up European holding companies.

(3) Recommended jurisdictions for simple holding companies.

(4) Recommended jurisdictions for international trading and purchasing companies.

(5) Recommended jurisdictions for obtaining a banking license.

(6) Best independent jurisdictions for confidentiality on offer

Anguilla (1-3-5)
Antigua (5-6)
Belize (1-3-6)
Bermuda (3)
British Virgin Islands (1-3)
Cayman Islands (3)
Cook Islands
Costa Rica (1-3-4-6)
Cyprus (2-4)
Delaware (4)
Dominica (1)
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Gibraltar (5)
Grenada (6)
Hong Kong (4)
Ireland (2-4)
Isle of Man (3-4)
Liechtenstein (2)
Luxembourg (2)
Marshall Islands (6)
Nauru (5)
Nevis (1-6)
New Zealand
Samoa (5)
St. Lucia (6)
St. Vincent (1-5)
Switzerland (2)
Turks & Caicos Islands
Vanuatu (6)
United Kingdom (2-4)

Important Notice: The offshore industry is changing dramatically. We do not now recommend European citizens applying for offshore company incorporation’s or offshore bank accounts in the British Dependent Territories or the Isle of Man and the British Channel Islands. These have been traditional offshore jurisdictions for many years but they are no longer suitable for asset protection because of current and/or impending UK/EU/OECD legislation rescinding privacy rights and imposing withholding taxes. The Bahamas has also been recently affected, but a suitable structure can be designed to protect your privacy rights. Indeed the offshore privacy and confidentiality features of these traditional jurisdictions are rapidly being eroded by the enactment of “mutual assistance”, information exchange” and “gateway” legislation.

We strongly recommend that clients with offshore structures and bank accounts in these jurisdictions, re-domicile to suitable independent sovereign countries.

Why choose The Offshore Guys as your offshore and privacy provider?

    • We are an internationally diversified group located in different offshore jurisdictions ensuring the complete privacy and confidentiality of our services.
    • We offer a number of the best jurisdictions available. Many other firms offer only a single jurisdiction and therefore cannot advise you on the options suitable to YOUR needs.
    • We provide you with complete confidentiality and offer a superior personal service with the ability to customize our services to your specific needs. When you contact us, you speak to a professional, not clerical staff.
    • We have many years of experience in tailoring solutions to financial problems for clients worldwide.
    • We protect your assets: We are independent and not affiliated with any financial institution. We utilize the institution that best meets our clients needs.
    • We respond promptly and efficiently. Simply use our Contact Form from anywhere in the world and we will respond to your requests. Unlike many financial institutions and others, we will even call you back!
    • We can provide impeccable references from our attorneys and bankers who have known us for many years.
    • To sum up, we are the offshore professionals: we live offshore, work offshore and fully understand the offshore financial needs of successful individuals and the diversified requirements of active business enterprises.


By utilizing an offshore company, it may be possible for the owner (or beneficial owner) to secure a number of advantages, mainly revolving around taxation but could be useful for the protection of assets etc. In the following notes, we outline some of the structures which are available and give examples of uses which may be made of International Business Companies (IBC’s). This is not intended as an exhaustive demonstration of offshore possibilities and we would always remind Clients that the tax and other benefits which can be obtained by use of offshore entities usually depend upon the country of residence of the beneficial owner and its anti-avoidance legislation. Regard has to be had, too, for the requirements of any other country with which the offshore entity might carry on its business. Typical uses to which an offshore company might be put, and a few actual examples (read between the lines for ways of how you might adapt these for your own use, but always remember, there is a very fine line between tax avoidance and tax evasion.

We strive to deliver a level of service that exceeds the expectations of our customers. If you have any questions about any of our products or services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have a friendly team of knowledgeable representatives available seven days a week to assist you. Contact Us


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