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Corporate Offshore Packages

Offshore Privacy Tools & Professional Services – Combining Global Knowledge With Local Initiative

For over 25 years The Offshore Guys have successfully assisted many people in obtaining a second passport or citizenship along with other sensitive offshore items that we are able to offer. Over these years The Offshore Guys have supplied several other offshore service provider’s and their clients with some of these items. We have also assisted many other individuals directly to secure their citizenship’s, passports, company formations and other offshore products in a discreet, safe and timely fashion. We have gained direct access to valuable resources globally and are able to obtain 100% legitimate documents. So stop dreaming about your “future goals” and just turn your dream into a reality… The wise are always prepared for tomorrow!


We offer most of the world’s legal second citizenship and second passport programs.

These are programs for which the country’s constitution allows the Government to waive the usual residency requirement, in return for an applicant providing economic benefits to the country. Such economic benefits usually entail investment in Government approved projects and/or specific payments to the Government.

The Offshore Guys have successfully assisted many people over the last 25 years in acquiring a second citizenship or passport.

Our clients come from all walks of life and from various countries around the world. Our clients include accountants, bankers, investment counsellors, lawyers, doctors and the heads of large multinational corporations just to mention a few. We would be more than happy to assist you.

We currently have more than 11 programs from various countries on our books and we will disclose these programs at the time we feel that a client is genuinely interested in proceeding with such a program. The program that you may elect for may also be unsuitable for you or your family and we can advise you of the best program that will suit your requirements at the best price.

All programs offered by The Offshore Guys are legally guaranteed and can be verified by your attorney. We investigate all programs which we offer with a reputable international attorney and we check the enabling legislation to ensure the program is constitutionally legal.

We also investigate all programs offered by others to determine whether they are legal or not. We therefore know of many illegal programs being promoted worldwide and can advise you on these.

Guaranteed results in providing our clients with any of the following items:

Offshore Credit Cards

Offshore Foundations

IBC’s – International Business Centers

Immigration Services & Consultancy

Invoicing / Re-invoicing

Mail Drops & Virtual Offices

Marine Registration

Offshore Bank Accounts

Offshore Company Registration

Offshore Trusts

Second Citizenship’s

Second Passports ( 11 countries currently now available & 100% success assured )

Virtual Credit Cards – Disposable & Re-loadable

More Exciting Products Available Currently Not Listed On The Site

Feel free to browse through our site to see what products or services may be of interest to you and or your businesses. Should you be looking for something in particular that is not listed on our site please feel free to Contact Us and we will be able to assist you once we know more of what your requirements may be

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